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“In the glittering world of New York City’s richest and most famous prep school, best friends Paige and Anthony become equally entranced by the enigmatic, ever–so–cute new guy Max, but in order to snag him, they must first use their charms and wit to discover the truth–is he or isn’t he?”

So turns out that I have two copies of this book, but I have never bought it. I would not have spent money on it if I had seen it in a book store. The book has one of the classic YA novel plots: two friends fight to win the affections of one person. This time it just happens that a gay guy and a straight gal are fighting for a kind of douche-y spoiled brat.

I did not like any of the characters, except one minor character. The main three people are all spoiled, rich, and completely out of touch with reality. It was like watching the Real Housewives of New York instead of reading about teenagers. They all went to a beach house with a Jacuzzi for a weekend without parental supervision. None of the parents were involved at all, except one scene where the main love interest is complaining about how messed up his home life is because of his dad (the dad is talking to someone nearby, but there is no actual interaction). All of the characters are vain (save one, who is obnoxiously under whelmed with herself which just comes across as “pay attention to me”).

The only character I like is the plus sized teen model that barely has any air time. Her only trait is that she is fat. Literally. That is it. Every time she is around she talks about being fat or about eating or about being a plus size model. That’s great, finally a bigger girl being seen as beautiful in a YA book. The book then over sexualizes gay boys and muscles. So the plus sized model is beautiful, but only the really thin guys who hit the gym can actually get dates. Only the really thin girls who wear push up bras are the ones who get the guys. It is a half-assed attempt at diversity that I could have easily fallen for if the blatant sexualizing of thinness was a little more subtle.

So I wanted to like this book because it sounded dorky and really bad, but it was bad in all the wrong ways. It wasn’t the worst book I have ever read, but yet again it was one that I am tempted to just throw away instead of donating.


2 out of 5 stars. I would not recommend this book.

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