Title: The Incident

Author: Ringtailer720

Universe: The Magic School Bus

Pairing: Arnold/Ms. Frizzle

Summary: Arnold’s mom drags the young teenager with her to “the place that shall remain nameless” where he meets his old teacher. Post series.


This fic explains so much about Arnold! I was afraid I would be the only one that shipped it, but someone else does too. There is no way quiet little Arnold would have gone on all those field trips without a reason. He just happens to be in love with his teacher! I wanted this so much. It wasn’t smutty and it wasn’t boring. It could easily go to smutty or boring, but the author cut it off perfectly so it was still fun and didn’t feel too short. It was a very good slice of life look at post-show Arnold.

I like how Liz was mentioned. There was no mention of a gender for Liz though. I always forget if Liz is supposed to be a male or a female lizard and everyone seems to have a hard time remembering too. I also like that it is now cannon that Liz goes everywhere with Ms. Frizzle. I am disappointed that the author did not describe Ms. Frizzle’s dress more. Her dresses were a central part of why I love her. Her dresses always matched the lessons and they were amazing. I wish the author had added in that her dress had like bras all over it or something. It would have been amazing. Reading about Arnold seeing Ms. Frizzle wearing a bra dress would have just added to my giggles.

I am not sure what else to say besides “Please write more! Pretty please! Can you make this into a series since we are clearly thinking the same things about this show?”. Maybe the author will take pity on my lonely ship and make it better.


4.5 out of 5 stars. I would recommend this FF.