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Title: Heat

Author: KoiKoala

Universe: Maximum Ride

Pairing: Fang/Iggy

Summary: Let’s just say Figgy gets a little steamy on the beach


This was a hot story. Fang and Iggy is slowly becoming my favorite pairing in this universe. The main issue I have with this piece is that the author tried to do a prospective at the end that lets the reader know that the couple stayed together long after. It is a PWP, there is no need to let me know they are still together unless the author plans on following it up with more PWP of them in the future when they know each other more.

The characters were pretty spot on. Fang being brooding by himself is perfect, but Iggy not being able to get around is not. Iggy always reads as very capable and not needing the help of the flock even in new places. He is able to fly and fight without help. I think he can find the bathroom and remember where the bathroom is in his own apartment (but how the hell did they afford to get an apartment when they don’t have identities and don’t have jobs since they are bird kids?). This is why I don’t like prospective portions of FF around Maximum Ride. They tend to leave these giant plot holes.

The actual hook-up portion of the fic was one I could appreciate. It was blind fumbling of two teenagers who don’t really understand their own bodies yet. This fits the age that the characters are, since many authors forget that these kids (yes, they are kids) are less than sixteen for the entire book series. They are not supposed to be read as sexual or as sex gods. It was cannon that Max and Fang never made it beyond kissing.


4 out of 5 stars. I would recommend this FF.