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Title: A Sweet Surprise

Author: Ayden666Shade

Universe: Maximum Ride

Pairing: Iggy/Fang

Summary: Fang/Iggy don’t like don’t read rated m for lemons


This was so close to being a great fic. If the author had stopped one paragraph short this would have been hot and good. Instead the author did a weird wrap-up that included all of their characters and went out of their way to explain how everyone turned out. PWP doesn’t have a projection it has PWP.

This author actually understood how anal sex works! I am so proud. I want to give this a million stars for including lube and stretching. That alone makes this fic one that stands out from any other I have reviewed.

This is supposed to take place after at least most of the series is over which means that Fang and Max were already an item (so why is Iggy getting upset now?). Fang also never showed any real interest in Iggy, if Iggy was going to get anyone from the flock it would be Gasman since they both love explosives and they are partners in crime. I just love the pairing Fang/Iggy so much that I am trying to ignore all the other pairings. I can’t see how Dylan/Fang works. Fang would not submit to Dylan who was made to be Max’s perfect mate. Why would Fang have given in to Dylan when he first got there when all they knew was Dylan made to be Max’s perfect mate? That doesn’t fit how Fang acts at all. If anything Fang would have been the aggressor and taken Dylan. I also figure that Iggy would not be the one to initiate with Fang, but at least it makes more sense than Dylan and Fang. Fang has just never struck me as a bottom before.

Outside of the back story of Fang’s first time being with Dylan instead of Max, this was a great fic and I look forward to more by this author.


4 out of 5 stars. I would recommend this fic, just skip the last paragraph.