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Title: Hi, I’m Captain Jack Harkness

Author: Frostfire

Universe: Torchwood/Star Wars

Pairing: Captain Jack Harkness/Chewbacca

Summary: HAVE SOME WOOKIEE SEX. (Has anyone else ever done this? Can this be my claim to fame? Please dear God, let this not be my claim to fame.)


So this is a thing. I am not into furry anything, but I gave it a shot since it was sent to me by someone I trust. This was not something I expected both from that friend and from the fic. It was HOT. Like this is literally the hottest fanfiction I have read between two males. There is a huge focus on Chewbacca’s fur. It is like hair porn, which makes perfect sense since this was written for a writing prompt event called Kink Bingo on Dreamwidth. It is a great event that creates a lot of great porn or erotica.

I haven’t seen Torchwood, but from the few Doctor Who episodes I have seen this author nailed Jack Harkness. He is a flirt and one of the only openly bisexual men on TV. I am glad that his bisexuality extends to even furry males like Chewbacca. This Chewbacca does not fit what I have seen of him in Star Wars, because Star Wars was not able to give him this much depth with an intergalactic war raging outside the window. This author has made Chewie one of my favorite characters from Star Wars.

There was so much passion and sensation in this that it was like I could feel Chewie’s fur in my hands. This author should get so much recognition and props from making Chewie sexy to even people who do not like hairy anything.


5 out of 5 stars. I recommend this FF.