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Title: Never You Mind the Exit Signs

Author: allthingsholy

Universe: TV Commercials

Pairing: Flo/Mayhem

Summary: This guy moved in a few months ago, took the apartment right below Flo’s place, and he’s been driving her nuts ever since.


This is my FAVORITE FF EVER. Every single part of this piece is exactly perfect. The author was able to catch the perky attitude that Flo has shown in the Progressive commercials before this was written and since. The character has stayed true no matter what the new commercials have thrown at the viewers. The pure accident prone destruction that is Mayhem is also perfection. The author was able to make his accident prone nature something that is almost sadly sweet like a puppy that keeps tripping over its feet.

The plot is a slow moving romance that is gripping. There is a need to keep reading. A need to find out when Flo will become adventurous and when Mayhem will settle down. The romance rivals that of a romance novel, but with writing that is much more brilliant than the typical romance novel. I don’t want this story to end.

This is my OTP. I didn’t even know that this pairing existed before this story was sent to me and now I am constantly looking for others who have written it. This is by far the best FF about the pairing I have ever read or heard of. Just read it, even if you don’t read fanfiction. This is the one that will change your mind.


10 out of 5 stars. I RECOMMEND THIS FF.