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Title: Things Change

Author: The Writing Crow

Universe: Hannah Montana

Pairing: Jackson/Miley

Summary: Jackson develops feelings for his sister Miley while helping her redecorate her room.


This is by far the best Hannah Montana FF I have read to date. It was not the best FF I have read, but it actually was readable and I wanted to know more. I was about to give up hope about the fandom having any good writing.

The basic plot is Miley gets Jackson to help out moving her furniture and somehow magically they have sex. Their sex and after sex nap lasts so long their father comes home. Robby Ray was able to tell that they had sex and gave Jackson his blessing which is very strange considering how Robby Ray acts whenever Miley has a boyfriend. It was very out of character for Robby Ray to be ok with what happened. It was not out of character that Miley and Jackson would fight. Though Miley made it clear multiple times throughout the series that she was grossed out by Jackson.

The sex was better written than the other Hannah Montana ones I have read. Jackson was sweet and knew to take things slow since Miley was a virgin. However, Jackson was a virgin which means he probably wasn’t as skilled as the story was saying, though I can hope for Miley’s sake that he is. Poor Miley and Jackson only getting breakfast though since they slept through all the other meals. The author should work on how time passes in the story. They had just woken up when they had sex there is no way that they went back to sleep on the floor all day. Even I have an issue sleeping that long and I love naps.

I really love that Jackson stopped to ask if Miley had birth control. They talked about precautions (well against pregnancy, but nothing else. Still a step forward!).


3.5 out of 5 stars. I would recommend this FF, but only if the person was into Hannah Montana.