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“Throughout history, man has revered his penis as his “most precious ornament.” From small to large, thick to thin, smooth to wrinkled, Hickman lets the history of this mystery hangout for all to see. It is a stiff subject, but we easily settle in with the likes of Bill Clinton, Michelangelo’s David, and Shakespeare as they followed their heads. With precious detail given to precious material, if you were to wrap your hands around anything less than two-inches, it should be God’s Doodle, a brilliant history of the penis that hits the topic right on the head. It reaches through time and looks at how the penis trended long before one was ever posted on Twitter.”

I am scientifically fascinated by sex. If you know anything about me, that is probably it. So when I saw this book on the BPL new book shelf, I couldn’t hold back my excitement. I nearly knocked over my stack of books getting to it. I was expecting it to be more scientific, but it was mostly satire.

There were quotes on quotes on quotes throughout this book that had me laughing. In general the book was a lighthearted romp through the history of the view of the penis. While I was very impressed with some points (calling out The Bible for being obsessed with penis innuendos), I was not impressed with how transgender people were handled (they were mentioned twice. Both times in a way that dismissed them from having any real relevance to the story. To be frank, one of the footnotes was downright transphobic and really squicked me out. I almost stopped reading the book entirely because of how they talked about transmen). I tried to appreciate the book for what it was, but I was constantly stuck in what the book wasn’t.

The book wasn’t serious enough for me. The author would settle for cheap jokes instead of really getting to the heart of the matter. There were many good jokes that referenced important points of the book, but I felt they were few and far between compared to the easy jokes.

All in all, this book was an interesting read. I wouldn’t read it again. It is not the type of book I wanted to read. It is a book that I will call out for being transphobic if anyone mentions it to me or uses it as a reference. I am torn on whether the book was funny or pointless. My view is likely to change based on my mood that day. So for now it was funny and pointless.


2 out of 5 stars (for being transphobic and having too many bad jokes). I would not recommend this book to anyone who was not a sex educator.

You can buy this book here.