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Title: Dolly’s Visit

Author: Werewulffe

Universe: Hannah Montana

Pairing: Jackson/Aunt Dolly

Summary: Love story between Jackson and his Aunt, Warnings:smutty,incest dont like dont read Dont own any of the HM character or HM at all first lemon so no bad reviews flames?


Wow. There are so many words to describe this. This is not the best fan fiction out there, but it is not all that bad. There are some issues I have with it (like Dolly not wearing a bra, which would cause her immense pain because of the size of her breasts). Then there is the issue that the author implies that Dolly knows all about the Stewart men, but then says she is a virgin. There is also the issue with the idea that penises grow by working out and eating healthy.

Though I am happy with the way that Jackson was portrayed. He was still the loveable goofball, but slightly more mature. He was getting to the point where he was accepting he was an adult, but he was still naming one of his arms cheese. It was perfect aging Jackson. Dolly was not quite the Dolly from the show. The character was more subdued. If she wanted Jackson she would have taken him. But here she had to be seduced.

The random subplot of Robby Ray/Miley that lasted a whole paragraph took away from the story and was just badly thought out. There was no reason for it to be included. It felt more like the author didn’t like Miley Cyrus so jumped on the Miley Cyrus with her dad jokes. If it was a fleshed out story point I would feel differently, but the author didn’t do anything but say that Robby Ray had a “horsecock” and Miley was a whore.

It wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t good. It is in that zone of “readable, but not enjoyable”. I would give this author another shot to see if their other work is any better though before I judge the author too harshly.


2.5 out of 5 stars. I wouldn’t recommend this FF.