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Innocence and beauty ignite with evil and terror…

First, a man and a woman are subjects of a top-secret government experiment designed to produce extraordinary psychic powers.

Then, they are married and have a child. A daughter.

Early on the daughter shows signs of a wild and horrifying force growing within her. Desperately, her parents try to train her to keep that force in check, to “act normal.”

Now the government wants its brainchild back—for its own insane ends.”

This was the second time I attempted to read this book. This was the first or second Stephen King novel I tried as a kid. This time I finished it, but it took a lot of effort. I put the book down and would forget that I was reading it.

I remembered the opening bit of the book from when I tried to read it as a kid. It was just as exciting then as it was now. I was really engrossed in the idea. The whole back story had me enthralled. I wanted to read more. It was like seeing a Zimbardo video for the first time. The back story was like a huge look at the ethical practices of research and informed consent. I nerded out about the back story so hard.

Outside of that, I wasn’t interested in the plot. I stopped caring what happened to them all very early. I only cared about the back story. The current story didn’t feel suspenseful enough. The father was very resigned and because it was clear he had given up, I gave up too. I couldn’t find a single character I liked, except the “crazy doctor” who did the original experiments.

The book dragged on to no end. I wanted it to end hundreds of pages before it did. Then the ending was just so predictable. By the first time that particular plot device was mentioned I knew it was going to be the ending or everyone was going to die. I am stuck on the idea that there would be no way that the ending would work. A young girl under 10 starts talking about research labs and everyone would believe her? More likely they would hand her over to the exact people she was trying to get rid of. All they had to do was say was ” we are in charge of keeping the world save from her because she is a sociopath with good magic skills, yo”.


2 out of 5 stars. I would not recommend this book, only the flash back chapters were worth it.

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