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Title: Lilly’s & Miley’s Experiment

Author: The Unsung Dude4

Universe: Hannah Montana

Pairing: Miley/Lilly

Summary: Miley comforts Lilly when Oliver’s on that tour during season 5. I don’t own anything, I merely write what comes to my head for my stories.


Yet another horrifying Hannah Montana FF. This one was better than the last one (Miley is a boy?), but only because this one was slightly more readable. There was proper use of me and I. That was about the only improvement. Otherwise this story had literally had the pacing of a drag race and the skill of Tina when it comes to plot.

The plot was supposed to be Lilly is upset that Oliver is on tour and Miley comforts her. Instead Miley just suggests a “lesbian experiment” and they have sex. There is no foreplay, instead they jump right to strap-ons (which of course are bigger than Oliver) and non-lubricated anal sex. The sex was scary as it was incredible dangerous and badly described. I am not sure how this was supposed to be hot.

“Heavenly artificial meat substitute” was used. I just can’t.

While I wanted this to be an emotionally charged cheating fic, it felt more like a teen being angry that Lily got Oliver and they didn’t so they insulted his penis size and made him easily replaced. This is not worth reading even as a joke. It was bad, but it wasn’t bad enough to make it funny. It was a waste of time to read and it wasn’t even bad enough to send on to laugh when others read it. Just don’t bother reading it.


1 out of 5 stars. I would not recommend this FF.