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Title: Miley is a boy?

Author: Lord Jeremy Silver

Universe: Hannah Montana

Pairing: Miley/Lilly

Summary: AU-story. Miley / Lilly – romance. Not for kids!


This was probably the worst fanfiction I ever read. Not only did it have an impossible plot line (Miley having both male and female sexual reporductive organs that were perfectly functioning) it was also poorly written (saying me instead of I). If this was a serious piece I would be afraid that this author thought they were good enough to post it online. I have to think it is a joke piece or I won’t be able to read fanfiction ever again.

The sex was poorly written, lasted for a few sentences, and was just plain boring. I am not sure how to even review this because it was just so bad. All the jokes about Fifty Shades of Grey can’t compare with the level of horrendous this FF is. The southern accent is off. The dialogue doesn’t match the characters. It says it is AU (alternate Universe), but Miley and Lilly have gym class in the show, they even go to the beach together. So there was no need to say it was an AU fic, unless the author claiming Miley had a penis is why the story is AU. That is usually called Gender-swap (though gender has little to nothing to do with genitals).

I read parts of this out loud to my roommate to make him leave the room. He threatened to run away from home if I read any more. That should be your warning.


0.5 out of 5 stars. I would not recommend this FF.