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Title: Chick Magnet

Author: Ekoaleko

Universe: Harvest Moon

Pairing: rooster/hen

Summary: Pun intended. An entirely stupid oneshot my mind concocted at three in the morning. It’s called Harvest Moon, not Harvest Villagers. What’s up with all these peoplestories anyway? No love for chickens? Rated T for chicken cuss and sexual chicken desire.


This is what I call perfection. This is a fanfiction I never knew I needed, but now that I have read it I will never be able to live without it. I thought I was the only one that ever had personalities for the chickens, cows, horses, sheep, and all the rest, but clearly someone else understands how I play Harvest Moon. The author spoke the language of someone who loved the game.

The hen was described in a way that made it clear that the author was doing their best to make the love story appeal to humans and chickens. While I am not a chicken man myself, the hen was described in a way that even I couldn’t doubt her beauty. There was a love story here, or at least a lust story, that was intriguing and I wanted more. Would the rooster chase after the hen or would she be gone forever? Would he have the courage to court a new hen? Would it become an epic romantic adventure or is it better as a short, comedic story?

What made it even better for me is in Harvest Moon all the chickens you get are hens, so for this to be cannon it would have to be a lesbian chicken story. Though I am ok with this deviation from cannon as to make a successful farm male animals are needed. Hens lay better when there is a rooster around. This is something I hope Natsume thinks about for the next installment so the game can be even better.

The ending killed me. I laughed out loud. This is a story worth reading.


5 out of 5 stars. I would recommend this FF.