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Title: i want to feel it over all the time

Author: drashian

Universe: Metal Gear Solid

Pairing: Snake/Otacon

Summary: Slight invasions of privacy, a gunshot wound, faulty equipment, slowly brewing international crises, and the latest espionage movies. Normal Hal and Dave things.


I am officially in love. I have been looking for Metal Gear Solid FF since I learned FF existed, but I never really found it until tonight. I am so happy. Not only was it a pairing I totally ship, but it has a FtM as a main character (though it really isn’t cannon as Otacon had a thing with his step-mother which would be an over complicated plot for the game to have as cannon though it has historically been gay friendly). The story was far from perfect, but it was something I needed.

The main issue I had was with Otacon or Hal. FtM’s do not have penises and vaginas the way that the author described. I have yet to see or hear of a penis that has an inserted rod that makes it hard. The rod is either manufactured in the packer or is surgically placed in the penis. If it was surgically placed there would not be any clitoris anymore so it had to be a packer that was being refereed to. So there were some inaccuracies in the general feasibility and description of Otacon being a FtM, but I still wanted it to happen so badly.

The next issue is Snake. This Snake did not strike me as the real Snake. He was too chatty, had too many emotions, and too many social graces. I would wish that Snake could find a romantic love, I can’t see him being able to talk about it or to even bring up Otacon’s scars. Though Snake needed to be able to be more human and less soldier for this plot to work, it just didn’t feel authentic.

Overall, the story was well written, interesting, and had good pacing. It wasn’t quite a slash, but it wasn’t quite a PWP either. It was the comfortable point in between that I love.


4 out of 5 stars. I would recommend this and I already have sent links to people who understand my pairings.