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Title: Pyramid Head Unmasked

Author: Wolf’s Flame

Universe: Silent Hill

Pairing: Pyramid Head/OC

Summary: A quick story I made up while watching the movie and playing the game. Pyramid Head x OC. Please R&R


So I am a huge Pyramid Head fan and I wanted to read some great PWP, but I came across this instead. It was a short piece that was graphic in a perfectly Silent Hill way (impalement, skinning, guts), but it didn’t fit the cannon very well. Most characters in the Silent Hill games did not last a month in the town as there was no food or water. The games seem to imply that the person was there only one night or only several nights. Lasting a month in that town would not be possible for an outsider.

The writing itself wasn’t anything I would praise. While it wasn’t the worst writing I have read, it was clearly an early writing. It had details that were clumped together and did not do the series justice as the series is very atmospheric horror while this didn’t get too atmospheric. While it is difficult to get a short piece to be atmospheric, it is not impossible and should be attempted while working with this universe.

The OC sin was “loving the same sex”. Is that gay self-shaming or just wishful thinking? The ending implies that the OC will be raped by Pyramid Head repeatedly, which is not beyond the cannon for the monster, but I have not heard of him talking before. Also the general theory behind Pyramid Head is he is being punished so he is imprisoned with the metal head piece, so it would not be easily knocked off by a kick otherwise why would he still be wearing it?


1.5 out of 5 stars. I would not recommend this piece.