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Title: The Hot, Hot Day

Author: slantedknitting

Universe: Harry Potter

Pairing: Harry/Ron

Summary: Ron visits Harry on a day off from work. Harry/Ron slash.


This piece had three issues. The first issue was Harry was naked when it started, but when Ron showed up Ron threw him shorts (so either underwear or shorts). But when they went to take a shower, Harry was wearing jeans. So while this is a minor detail, it is easily explained by either magic (they are wizards) or Harry got dressed when Ron was making potatoes.

The second issues was you do NOT roughly jab at the prostate. That will seriously hurt the person that is being jabbed. Again, DO NOT jab the prostate roughly.

The third issue is I wanted more. The story was well written, had nice pacing, and even had me interested in the how everything would be revealed. Though it is not cannon that Charlie is gay. It is cannon that he is into dragons. J.k. Rowling has flat out said that Charlie is not gay and he is more interested in dragons that women (someone please run with this and write a PWP for me). I would read more despite the non-cannon gayness of a side character.

“You taste like potato” is officially my favorite line I have ever read in a Harry Potter slash fic. Honestly, it may be my favorite line in any gay slash fic that isn’t horror.


4.5 out of 5 stars. I would recommend this FF.