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“Humorous comics, Pokémon trivia, and fun puzzles based on the characters from the best-selling Pokémon Black and White video games!

A pocket-sized book brick jam-packed with four-panel comic strips featuring all the new Pokémon Black and White characters, Pokémon vital statistics, Pokémon trivia, Pokémon puzzles, and Pokémon fun quizzes!”

This book was shown to me repeatedly and then I finally gave in to reading it. While I am not a huge Pokémon fan now, I used to be. I stopped following the show, game series, and the cards years ago, but I am not one to turn my nose up at getting a free look at them. I just refuse to spend my money on pretty much the same game over and over again, that in mind if you are done with any of your Pokémon games I will gladly take them.

This book has Oshawott as the main character that is driving the mild plots. He experiences jokes that revolve around his interactions with other Pokémon or him just seeing the other Pokémon. There is no real plot to think of, instead it is a bunch of mini comics that are mildly connected, but not a bigger plot. The comics themselves are generally non-complex and witty. There are times when the jokes are painfully obvious and other times where I was actually laughing out loud (though rare).

The book also featured trivia questions that were supposed to challenge the reader. The problem is they were really random questions and most of them seemed to be about the weight or height of Pokémon. This was annoying as those are generally the facts I would skip over in the Pokédex since many of the Pokémon were of unrealistic proportions even for a kid (an example being Arcanine being over six feet tall and on fire, but still being able to be surprised by him in tall grass). So while this is mostly an issue I take with all of Pokémon it was especially apparent in this book.

The book had some really cute comics that a few fans I know seemed to go nuts about and it was said to be really big on tumblr, but it wasn’t something I would go around bragging about having read. It was nothing all that special. I wouldn’t spend my money on it, but it was worth reading through for the cuteness.


3 out of 5 stars. I guess I would recommend this book to people who like cute things and Pokémon, but not if you have to pay too much for it.

You can buy this book here.