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Title: Mementous

Author: ty.soglasna

Universe: Harry Potter

Pairing: Harry/Ron

Summary: “Ron finds some memories Harry was sorting through, and finally sees something he should have known all along. Slash, major flangst warning.”


So the basic plot is that Ron finds Harry’s pensive and looks at all of Harry’s memories. It has a unrequited love element that I normally love, but this could have gone much further. If the FF were longer the author could have handled that Harry only was with Ginny to be with Ron. There could have been so much more angst and issues on both sides. It would have been wonderful. Angst is happiness.

The characters moved together perfectly, very little awkward and very little pause despite (or because of) being friends for so many years that the transition to more was really smooth. That level of smooth is not something that I usually equate with Ron. He was seen as the bumbling sidekick too long for me to think he is the smooth initiator unless Harry is broken (emotionally or physically).

I would love to see what else the author can pull out, but as a stand alone piece it did not feel whole. Though It was a decent story.


3 out of 5 stars. I would recommend this FF for Harry Potter fans.