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“Janet’s been friends with Paul since they were kids. The only problem is, Paul is corporeally challenged. Ghostly puppy love might be enough for Paul, but when Janet meets the (alive) man who just might be the one, her phantom doesn’t take it well. Then, when Janet finds out that the guy of her dreams has his own skeletons in the closet, their fledgling romance is hit hard. Will love overcome death? Or will their pasts haunt them forever?”

Normally I am put off by stories that involve ghosts, but this one really grabbed me. For one the art style and humor reminded me a great deal of a webcomic I enjoy, Candi. Then there was also the drama over finding out that someone else had a ghost and that you had a ghost. This book brought up the idea that people who see ghosts often try to hide it and they learn to hide it. The book went beyond what I was expecting it to do as it was very cutesy seeming at first.

The plot was a simple one of girl is forced on blind date with boy, girl falls for boy, girl loses boy, girl gets boy again somehow. The fun of the story came instead in how the girl lost the boy. Both the girl and the boy had ghosts from their past living with them. Janet had Paul who had died when they were eight living with her and as her best friend. Derek had a ghost of his old roommate who also happened to have another connection to him.

For once I actually liked all the characters involved in the story. I loved Paul and I was hoping that Paul was in love with Janet, but I didn’t get my wish. He was just a best friend who was there to help Janet through losing him. The whole dynamic of who and what the ghosts were was amazing. The ghosts had the ability to be solid when they wanted to be, they aged, and they were clearly ghosts (their legs were really cute).

The book was silly and cute throughout most of the book, but it also was really dark. The characters had suffered great loses and some of them have been dealing with the lose for a long period of time, but still hurt. It allowed the characters to be humans, but to also be obsessed with crab ragoons. I laughed out loud and I have passed the book around. There is also an upload online uploaded by the author so you don’t even need to go find the book, but I suggest getting a copy of the book.


5 out of 5 stars. I would recommend this book.

You can buy this book here or read it here.