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“Evocative and superbly erotic, Little Birds is a powerful journey into the mysterious world of sex and sensuality. From the beach towns of Normandy to the streets of New Orleans, these thirteen vignettes introduce us to a covetous French painter, a sleepless wanderer of the night, a guitar-playing gypsy, and a host of others who yearn for and dive into the turbulent depths of romantic experience.”

I picked this book up just to start reading anything by Anais Nin. I figured the best place to start was one of her erotica books and I was not disappointed. This book was clearly French. French books tend to be very wordy, very description heavy instead of focused on plot. I tend to not like French books, but I was very surprised at how much I enjoyed reading this book.

The book starts with the story that the novel was named after “Little Birds”. This was erotica in the same way that many pieces are written for Kink Bingo, but not in the modern sense. In the new anthologies of erotica it is all about the sex, but in this story it was about erotisizing and exploring sexuality. The main character was a man who wanted to expose himself to little girls (they were young teenagers) and he planned on how to be able to do this. He got very aroused by doing this. It was a wonderfully written piece about a fetish enacted on a group of people who weren’t consenting (which is often a very touchy subject for me to read and I usually find all writing about it distasteful).

The rest of the stories, save one, were all about consenting adults in American standards. The girls were all over the age of 18 and most of them were virgins. The stories were told from male, female, and narrator perspective. These were wonderful changes and kept the stories feeling fresh even after sitting and reading most of the book in a single sitting. There were many stories where the writing was spectacular enough that even something that wasn’t sex was arousing. This alone is a feat as I grew up reading FanFiction so nothing seems all that special anymore.

This book was short, the stories lasting only a few minutes and usually less than a dozen pages. If you are in the market for an easily read erotica that isn’t overly sensationalized (Fifty Shades of Grey) or overly graphic (PWP), but want something slightly kinky (not Anne Rice kinky) try this book.


5 out of 5 stars. I would highly recommend this book.

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