“An offensive, in-your-face, brutally honest and completely hilarious look at male inner life and sexual fantasy—sure to be one of the most controversial books of the year.”

This book was given to me by someone who insisted I had to read it. It has been sitting in my book box forever, I had picked it up read a few pages a handful of times but could never get past the first couple of pages, till finally I did end up reading the whole thing. After I finished reading it I closed the book and sat for awhile thinking.  Did I actually like this book? What did I spend the past two days reading? As a woman how could I enjoy a book like this? All of these questions and  I’m still not sure of the answers. This book left me unsettled and confused does that constitute a good book? Even as I write this I’m still not sure.

This is the story of a guy, you don’t know his name or his occupation, this book is totally written in his first person point of view. But that I think is the authors point. You’re not supposed to know his name what he does because it’s irrelevant to the story. This book is almost written like a steady stream of consciousness.  It pulls your right into the mind of this guy everything he thinks feels and does is written down. You go with him through his daily life and the interactions of the people in it.

I can’t talk about this book without talking about the language and the tone. The book is written very succinctly there is little or no descriptions of anything or anyone unless they are being viewed in a sexual way. It is written with very little emotion and quite a bit of snark. All of these things are very stereotypical male things. The tone of this book is that this whole guys life revolves around sex every little person place thing is his life is sexualized. From the women he sleeps with to the random strangers he sees out and about. It makes you wonder if there really is a two percent he won’t sleep with, which becomes a major theme throughout the book.

Reading this I kept thinking to myself as a women how is this book enjoyable, how can I not put this book down even though throughout the whole thing I hate narrator. His sexist views and his obsession with sex without emotion made me sick.  I would hate to think that this is how real average american boys view the world and the people in it. But I found myself thinking while it might exaggerated to some extent, that this is basically true. At its most basic that this book is a true look into the male mind. If you take the exaggerations at face value a lot of this book rings true.

Even after days have passed I still have no idea what I really think. I enjoyed this book yes, it was snarky and it made me laugh, while the narrator’s views disgusted me, I still couldn’t help but sympathize with him. At first I felt bad for his girlfriend the one who he agreed to marry even though you could tell he didn’t want too no matter what he said. The way he so coldly dumped her made me want to punch the narrator in the nose on principle. But in the end the way she tricked him and her obvious crazy made me feel bad for him. While he was trying to move on with his life she cornered him into something he never wanted.

The major thing I got out of this is that the narrator didn’t change from the first page to the last no matter what happened he doesn’t change. Maybe that is the authors point, men don’t change they just go through life moving from person to person, relationship to relationship without ever really examining the why’s like women do. Is this book a statement on the state of men vs. women or just light hearted satire, I have no idea. This book left me with more questions than answers and writing a review without a true view about the book is hard. In the end if you’re looking for a view into the male psyche, or you looking for a laugh this is probably a book you would like. But I advise women to go into reading this with a grain of salt. Know that there is going to be explicit sex swearing and a major objectification of women. This is the type of book that I read and will probably never pick up again, but will be in the back of my mind tickling my thoughts for a long time.


3.5 out of five stars, I would recommend this book.

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