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The Average American Marriage, the long-awaited sequel to Chad Kultgen’s much debated, always controversial The Average American Male, is a matter-of-fact foray into the male mind and sexual fantasy.

Now married with children, Kultgen’s lewd and sex-obsessed narrator once again offers up his deep (and not so deep) thoughts on love, marriage, kids, and (naturally) sex: from birthday sex to interns to parenting, The Average American Male looks upon the institution of marriage with the same deadpan smirk he has brought to the rest of his sex-addled, perennially disaffected life”

I got this from the Goodreads First Read giveaway (not sure if that is the exact name or not, but close enough).

I was really excited about the sequel to The Average American Male. I reread the first one to get ready to fully enjoy The Average American Marriage. I am sad to say that the first book was better. The second was not bad and I would readily read it again, but it does not have the same feel as the first book. This may be a tactic the author planned as the main character has grown older and has gotten married, but it also dampened the spirit of the book a bit.

The plot line for the most part is exactly in line with the characters and I was happy about that. The writing style was similar to the first book and still was the main reason I liked the book. The humor was still there, but felt more tired.

I am always worried when there is a gay character on a novel (especially if the characters are as unlovable as this main character is for most of the series). However Carlos is handled well and so is the idea of polyamory. I was very pleased that the author was able to have these in his novels without taking away from the plot line or doing them injustices. Despite the narrator the author is able to discuss sensitive issues without offending (well maybe small offenses, but that is how the narrator works).

I am genuinely surprised at the ending and the motivation behind the narrator’s actions. I am not too sure how I feel about how things ended, they seem slightly out of character for the narrator. However, the rest of the novel is very much the same sex living, womanizing, jerk that I came to resent and love in the first novel, albeit slightly older and a bit more domestic.

The narrator made me think things I wish I had never thought. He made me angry. He got close to offending me. This narrator is overall unforgettable. I recommend this book, but I highly recommend the first book. I am tempted to say I am eagerly awaiting a third novel in this series, but I am afraid that age will take the narrator from us and leave the books dry. This is a good ending point for the series and does give some closure to the lives of the characters.


4 out of 5 stars. I would recommend this book.

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